Everything to know about pay-as-you-go

Despite the changing fleet landscape, maintenance-inclusive plans are still default in contract hire packages – but are they fit-for-purpose for the future-proofed fleet? The right route for businesses will all depend on their unique circumstances, including current and projected fleet use, make-up and objectives, with maintenance-inclusive contracts working better for some fleets than others. However, … Continue reading “Everything to know about pay-as-you-go”

The Autumn Budget 2021 in numbers: what it means for your fleet

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has revealed the government’s spending and taxation plans in his second Budget of 2021. The Budget, he said, would be the foundation of the new post-pandemic economy – “an economy fit for a new age of optimism”. With a number of announcements made in the run up to Budget Day, Sunak’s statement to … Continue reading “The Autumn Budget 2021 in numbers: what it means for your fleet”

Safety matters: a spotlight on road risk management for the modern fleet

Fleet Operations’ risk specialist Rachel Davies examines road safety’s place in modern fleet management and outlines the steps businesses must take to meet their legal and moral obligations. Fleet managers have had much on their mind of late. How should they navigate the volatility and uncertain waters that abound across the business and fleet markets? … Continue reading “Safety matters: a spotlight on road risk management for the modern fleet”

Six facts you may not know about electric vehicles

As the UK hurtles towards the 2030 fossil fuel ban deadline, demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is set to soar.  But for many looking to make the move to electric, a lack of knowledge can contribute to delay and uncertainty. What’s more, it can lead to false expectations and a lack of requisite know-how for … Continue reading “Six facts you may not know about electric vehicles”

Greening your fleet

Although CO2 emissions in the transport sector fell by an estimated 19.6% in 2020, due to the large reduction in the use of road transport during lockdowns and in business activity, it remains the largest emitting sector in the UK. Fleet managers are therefore in a uniquely powerful position to influence not just UK CO2 … Continue reading “Greening your fleet”

Car accessories of years gone by

Cars are like fashion. They come in and they go out. Some stand the test of time; others find themselves the butt of many a joke and at the bottom of the fancy dress pile. Think rah-rah skirts, shoulder pads and kipper ties. Think Robin Reliant and Skoda. Well, until a certain cockney trader made … Continue reading “Car accessories of years gone by”

Cost control: keeping a lid on end-of-lease charges

End-of-lease charges have a reputation in the fleet industry of being somewhat of a golden goose for leasing companies. While fleet decision-makers are often frustrated by unexpected costs and the negative impact on their bottom line, leasing companies can be equally irked by contract breaches and protracted wrangling over responsibilities and recharges.    This tense tug-of-war … Continue reading “Cost control: keeping a lid on end-of-lease charges”

Join our Great British road trip

Planning a holiday abroad is exciting, isn’t it? Where to go? Luxury hotel or glamping lodge? Private villa with pool in Greece or Portugal? Action and adventure or rest and relaxation? All-inclusive or self-catering? Decisions, decisions… But, hang on. Now there are a few more things to consider. Is it on the green list? Will we … Continue reading “Join our Great British road trip”

Term time: vehicle contract lengths under the microscope

With flexibility delivering a new lease of life for vehicle hire, Jayne Pett, Sales and Marketing Director at Fleet Operations, runs the rule over the contract length options for fleet businesses. A fleet-led demand for vehicle contracts with greater flexibility has dramatically changed the shape of the UK leasing and rental landscape. The market has … Continue reading “Term time: vehicle contract lengths under the microscope”

Opportunity knocks to cash in on fleet assets

As companies hit the reset button following the seismic shock of the pandemic, a window of opportunity has opened to reimagine, restructure and restrategise. Seizing the moment to assess business models, commercial agility, liquidity, innovation and exposure to risk, however, should incorporate all areas of operation – including fleet. Fleet reviews are essential to enable … Continue reading “Opportunity knocks to cash in on fleet assets”