Putting drowsy driving to rest

Richard Hipkiss, Managing Director at Fleet Operations, considers the dangers of driving whilst tired and advises companies on how to help drivers stay alert at the wheel. We are all familiar with the big blue signs on motorways up and down the country reminding us that ‘Tiredness Kills’ and urging us to ‘Take a Break’. … Continue reading “Putting drowsy driving to rest”

Flora-tec outsources its fleet management to Fleet Operations

Flora-tec, one of the UK’s leading horticultural services companies, has outsourced the management of its 55-strong car and van fleet to Fleet Operations. The independent fleet management services provider has taken over full day-to-day responsibility for Flora-tec’s company vehicle operations, including fuel management, multi-bid vehicle sourcing and funding, vehicle tracking, accident management, DVLA licence checking, … Continue reading “Flora-tec outsources its fleet management to Fleet Operations”