Data security and the fleet industry

Due to the relative infancy of cybercrime, security may still be an afterthought or low on businesses’ priority list. And as technology continues to develop at an exponential rate, so too do the opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities, extract data, extort funds and expose businesses. The more we take advantage of the growing technologies to make … Continue reading “Data security and the fleet industry”

TraXall International extends global footprint into Scandinavia

TraXall International has bolstered its presence in Europe by signing up leading Nordic fleet management provider InoFLEET. Now trading as TraXall Nordics, Skien-based InoFLEET provides digital fleet outsourcing to private and public fleets across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, helping clients to cut operational costs, increase efficiency and plan for a safer and greener future.  … Continue reading “TraXall International extends global footprint into Scandinavia”

Top 10 fascinating facts about life behind the wheel

Whether you’re a sports car fanatic, a classic car collector, a commuter, taxi driver or delivery man, a petrol head, a long-haul lorry driver or just a pootle-about Sunday driver, most of us spend a big part of our lives behind the wheel. For work, leisure or pleasure, driving gives us independence and the freedom … Continue reading “Top 10 fascinating facts about life behind the wheel”