Cost control: keeping a lid on end-of-lease charges

End-of-lease charges have a reputation in the fleet industry of being somewhat of a golden goose for leasing companies. While fleet decision-makers are often frustrated by unexpected costs and the negative impact on their bottom line, leasing companies can be equally irked by contract breaches and protracted wrangling over responsibilities and recharges.    This tense tug-of-war … Continue reading “Cost control: keeping a lid on end-of-lease charges”

Join our Great British road trip

Planning a holiday abroad is exciting, isn’t it? Where to go? Luxury hotel or glamping lodge? Private villa with pool in Greece or Portugal? Action and adventure or rest and relaxation? All-inclusive or self-catering? Decisions, decisions… But, hang on. Now there are a few more things to consider. Is it on the green list? Will we … Continue reading “Join our Great British road trip”