Six facts you may not know about electric vehicles

As the UK hurtles towards the 2030 fossil fuel ban deadline, demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is set to soar.  But for many looking to make the move to electric, a lack of knowledge can contribute to delay and uncertainty. What’s more, it can lead to false expectations and a lack of requisite know-how for … Continue reading “Six facts you may not know about electric vehicles”

Greening your fleet

Although CO2 emissions in the transport sector fell by an estimated 19.6% in 2020, due to the large reduction in the use of road transport during lockdowns and in business activity, it remains the largest emitting sector in the UK. Fleet managers are therefore in a uniquely powerful position to influence not just UK CO2 … Continue reading “Greening your fleet”

Car accessories of years gone by

Cars are like fashion. They come in and they go out. Some stand the test of time; others find themselves the butt of many a joke and at the bottom of the fancy dress pile. Think rah-rah skirts, shoulder pads and kipper ties. Think Robin Reliant and Skoda. Well, until a certain cockney trader made … Continue reading “Car accessories of years gone by”