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Broadband provider bolsters ambitious growth plans with bespoke, branded van fleet from Fleet Operations

By Richard Hipkiss - Fleet Management|Fleet Operations News

Gigaclear, the ultrafast full-fibre broadband provider, is accelerating its mission to empower rural communities by outsourcing the management of its 140 strong fleet to the UK’s largest independent fleet management company, Fleet Operations. 

Part of the outsourcing will include an end-to-end van project, converting a cash allowance van fleet into a bespoke, fully-kitted leased fleet. 

Gigaclear is the UK’s leading full-fibre broadband provider for rural communities, bringing ultrafast internet connections to over 300 rural locations and connecting over 100,000 homes and businesses across the UK.

The Oxfordshire-based company, which employs more than 500 staff, traditionally provided cash for car allowances to its engineers, who purchased a vehicle to support the network, but as the company rapidly expanded, Gigaclear recognised the need for a fleet of customised, fit-for-purpose vans.

Gigaclear awarded fleet and mobility management company, Fleet Operations, the entire fleet management contract to help them achieve this goal. Starting with the task of providing a fleet of over 90 new ‘fit for purpose’ vans, Fleet Operations undertook the challenge of overseeing van choice, livery, racking, manufacturer support, and pricing in order to deliver the bespoke fleet that Gigaclear’s business requires.

The new, branded vehicles are now on the road, helping to support Gigaclear’s UK-wide operations and drive their ambitious growth plans. 

Nathan Rundle, Gigaclear Delivery Director said: “As we continue to grow and professionalise the business, it is important that our teams have the resource to continually drive up the quality of our network.

“By investing in a new fleet of vans, we are ensuring that our workforce is properly equipped to work safely and compliantly in challenging environments.

“The new fleet is fuel efficient and fit for the specific needs of the business.

“It also provides us with a great opportunity to raise awareness among residents and customers that Gigaclear is working hard in the community to provide a crucial service to those that have been historically underserved.”

As well as creating a fleet policy for Gigaclear’s drivers, Fleet Operations has taken over full day-to-day responsibility for the company’s fleet management, providing services such as purchasing, hire, PAYG maintenance, fuel management, risk management, reporting, systems support, and administration support.

Jayne Pett, Sales and Marketing Director for Fleet Operations, said: “Gigaclear is an enterprising company and we are delighted to be helping them achieve their objectives. We at Fleet Operations pride ourselves on delivering efficiencies leading to cost savings as well providing full consultancy on relevant topics to steer companies through these challenging and everchanging times. 

“We will continue to offer a seamless and efficient service, to ensure that Gigaclear can continue their fast-paced period of growth.”


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