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Traxall International




Consulting projects, strategy and procurement.

Our Consulting services are frequently utilised in the following areas:-

  • Delivering measurable cost savings.
  • Fleet cost analysis and control.
  • Fleet management process analysis and improvement.
  • Green fleet management advice.
  • Improving fleet efficiency.
  • Industry and peer group benchmarking studies.
  • Managing risk and driver safety.
  • Optimising vehicle usage.
  • Selecting the best funding option.
  • Settings and supporting strategy and direction.
  • Using expertise to save clients time and speed up projects

Environmental performance is becoming more and more important as consumer demands increase. Implementation of environmental management systems has led to environmental demands on suppliers of both goods and services.

Environmental aspects of transport systems are a complex mixture of different impacts across the entire lifecycle of the vehicle and every effective environmental management system will have transport as one of its key elements

By working together, we aim to make it easier for fleets of all sizes to benefit from an environmentally sustainable fleet management solution.

With our consultation on fleet reviews we will suggest ways in which to integrate environmental best practice into an overall fleet policy.


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