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Charge ahead on the Road to Zero

The future is electric

Why should your company make the switch?

Fleet owners need to plan for electrification today to support a successful transition to full electric fleets by 2030.

Ideally all fleet operators should have a decarbonisation strategy in place and target a significant Zero Emission % transition by 2025

Crown Commercial Service –On 5 June 2021 the Cabinet Office published Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 06/21 ‘Taking account of carbon reduction plans in the procurement of major government contracts. The PPN applies to all central government departments, their executive agencies and non-departmental public bodies in England. The PPN details how greenhouse gas emissions and suppliers’ Carbon Reduction Policy will need to be reported when procuring goods, services, and/or works with an anticipated contract value above £5 million per annum.

In effect this means any supplier to a government body needs to have in place a demonstrable carbon reduction plan if they want to be included in the tender. I have witnessed business even outside of government contracts lose a tender because they don’t have a plan in place.


Many manufacturers announcing increased focus on electric vehicles


UK to introduce Zero Emission Mandate for manufacturers


Benefit in kind rates held at 2% for Zero Emission


New plug in or hybrid cars and vans can be sold if they travel a significant distance with zero emissions (SZEC)


All new cars and vans to be zero emission

It’s time to start the journey

2030 may seem some time away however the earlier you start the sooner you will have learnt what works, what needs to change and what may need to wait for technology to catch up.

Whether you are already on the road to zero or need some help to get started, Fleet Operations will support you through and after the transition period. We appreciate the change may seem daunting but our experienced team will guide you through the best options for your business.

Electric vehicles are the future and with our expertise we have already helped customer introduce electric vehicles to their fleet with expert advice, tools and guidance so get in touch today to see how your company can make the switch to sustainable driving and stay ahead of the curve.

How we help support you through the journey…

Still need some more help deciding whether it’s time to make he switch? Below is some of the steps we will assist with.


  • Internal / Stakeholder Awareness
  • Duty Cycle Analysis
  • Geographical restrictions
  • Operational Requirements
  • Vehicle Types / Viability
  • TCO Analysis
  • Charging Infrastructure requirements


  • Conduct small trials
  • Understand operational restrictions
  • Create advocates/user groups
  • Explore Home, Workplace, Public & Community Charging
  • Evaluate Energy cost reimbursement


  • Analyse business impact
  • Assess wider benefits against ESG goals
  • Do you need to amend or challenge  the way you operate
  • Select manufacturers, convertors and charging partner
  • Create the business case and KPI’s to track progress and dispel myths


  • Integrate EV into polices
  • Revisit charging provision to cover all use cases
  • Drive Cost efficiencies via driver education programmes
  • Explore opportunities for all employees to select a zero emission vehicle

The Business Case

Fleet Operations will work with you to examine and analyse all aspects of the transition to Electric to produce a business case to present to key stakeholders across your business.

Executive Summary

Identified Cost Savings

  • Impact on Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
  • Fuel, SMR, Corporation & NIC Tax
  • CO2 Reduction
  • ULEZ, ZEZ, Congestion Charge

The plan for introduction

  • Who & When
  • Infrastructure timelines
  • Milestones & KPI’s
  • Employee engagement
  • Roadshows

Identified Risks & Opportunities

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Positive ESG message
  • Tender & supplier criteria
  • Infrastructure Capex

Detailed Breakdown

Fleet Analysis

  • Journey data / Duty Cycle Analysis / Telematics data
  • Operational requirements incl load space, weight, equipment, conversion
  • Funding Methodology, OP,CH,FL

Vehicle Choice

  • Operational Viability
  • Fiscal Viability (TCO)
  • Battery Range (Real World)
  • Charging Speed (Rapid / Home)
  • Availability –Time to deploy


  • Home / Workplace Charger costs
  • Workplace Charging –Surveys, capacity, grants, future proofing
  • Public Charging, On Street, Community
  • Network availability


Training programme

  • Education programmes on how to maximise range
  • How to use Home, Workplace and Public Charging
  • Myth busting / experience roadshows


  • Benefit in Kind calculations
  • Business Mileage reimbursement
  • Home Charger Costs
  • Reducing the Cost of Charging
  • Invite cash opt outs back in

Journey Planning

  • Preconditioning
  • Reducing weight and drag
  • Geographical restrictions
  • Seasonal range impact
  • Charging Network

Owning an EV

Driving an EV

Managing an EV


Would you like to know more about this service?

We are happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to find out how this service could improve your fleet. Simply drop your details below and we will be in touch.