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2023 charity and wellbeing

It’s time to give back

A head for good business. A heart for good causes.

We chose a selection of charities, close to our hearts, so that they can continue with their invaluable work and support for those who need it most.

2023 at Fleet Operations

We participated and held events for good causes.

Gingerbread Centre


The Gingerbread Centre

The Gingerbread Centre in Stoke create hope and opportunity for families without a home. We were delighted to support this incredible charity and the great work they do by donating Christmas Gifts to those in need. All members of families staying at Gingerbread centres, or being supported by them, get a bag of presents to open on Christmas Day, making it special for them whilst they’re not in a home of their own.

If you want to learn more about what the Gingerbread Centre do in our local area, or wish to donate please click the link below:

british heartfoundation


British Heart Foundation

Together we raised £900 for the British Heart Foundation, helping to raise money for their life saving research into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them.

More information can be found on their website, for all your heart health questions, big or small.



Bake Sale

In September we took part in supporting one of our local charities, Food Bank of Newcastle-under-Lyme, who’ve been helping in our local community since 2012, making sure no one has to go hungry.

Our Social and Charity committee organised a Bake Sale at our offices, with the £100 raised donated to the Food Bank along with items from their shortage list.



Enterprise’s Pudsey Ryder Cup themed Golf Day

A Fleet Operations team took part in Enterprise’s Pudsey Ryder Cup themed Golf Day in September 2023 to raise money for Children in Need.



Halloween Spooktacular

Fleet Operations took part in the annual TraXall Halloween Competition with our colleagues across the globe.

Fleet Operations won the fiercely coveted award of being the spookiest and scariest team!



Other Events

Other events included a Summer Concert for staff at Trentham Gardens, our annual Summer BBQ and our Christmas Party as a thank you for all the hard work by our employees throughout the year.

Our Charity and Social Committee are busy planning our events and activities for 2024.


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