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Innovative Driver Safety Programme cuts accident costs by 51%

A global medical company runs a groundbreaking Driver Safety Programme, managed by Fleet Operations, across its UK fleet of 649 company cars and 167 grey fleet and pool vehicles.

It launched an ambitious initiative to cut accidents and improve driver safety in 2013. The Driver Safety Programme is a bespoke ‘live’ system using continuously updated data. As employee risk ratings can change with each driving event, this allows the most effective and relevant training action to be taken at the right time.

All employees (and spouses) are included in the scheme, whether they drive two or twenty thousand miles a year, a company, pool or private car and regardless of role or seniority.

Key Points:
  • Innovative driver safety programme across fleet of 816 vehicles.
  • Tailored driver training packages based on live risk data.
  • Focus on rear end collisions, mobile phone use and effective employee communication.
  • Return on investment of 5 to 1.

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