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Making vehicle management a one-stop experience

By Richard Hipkiss - Fleet Management|Fleet Operations News|Tips & Advice

Data data everywhere, but not got time to think?

In today’s information overload world, harnessing and then making sense of all the different fleet risk data streams can be a challenge.

Yet accurate and up to date data insights hold the key to mitigating fleet risks, which left unchecked can have grave business and personal consequences – from loss of revenue to loss of life.

The MOVE suite of innovative fleet software solutions provide employers with the most comprehensive fleet and risk management platform on the market, by integrating data from multiple sources in one place.

The one-stop solution saves fleets time and money by giving businesses and drivers the digital tools they need to improve safety and compliance – all using a single interface.

With fewer speeding tickets to pay for, less accidents, lower insurance premiums and less vehicle downtime, the software also has a proven track record in cutting fleet running costs.

MOVE Risk e360 – driver risk management and support

The Risk e360 solution supports duty of care by automating the collection of key data including MOT dates, VED, CO2, vehicle age and insurance information – and by mandating drivers to confirm details on key risk factors like health and eyesight. 

  • DVLA checks in seconds: Integration with the DVLA/DVSA shows the very latest live vehicle and driver data in a matter of seconds
  • Grey fleet checks: The software will also check (and request evidence of) business use insurance, tax and MOT status and vehicle age for grey fleet vehicles, ensuring private vehicles are fit for purpose and compliant.
  • At-a-glance alerts: Actions which need to be completed urgently appear in red, so drivers can see at a glance what they need to do. Red alerts are automatically sent to the Fleet Operations risk team to chase up drivers.
  • Driver risk assessment: All drivers have to complete an online risk assessment which profiles them by risk type.
  • Training and e-learning: Relevant coaching and e-learning courses address specific risks – from speed awareness to managing your body clock. Each module includes videos, interactive content and an assessment.
  • A Risk Score (calculated by the Risk e360 algorithm) can be tracked over time to monitor success.
  • Compliance insights: An extensive reporting suite allows managers to manage, audit and grant eligibility to drive on company business.
  • Returning hire and lease vehicles: Drivers complete a vehicle survey well before the due return date to identify and fix any potential issues and thereby minimise end of lease charges.
  • Mileage tracking: Mileage can also be closely tracked to ensure lease contract terms remain cost-effective.

MOVE Driver App – the driver’s complete vehicle companion

The MOVE driver app gives drivers one-stop-shop access to everything they need to run their vehicle – whether company or privately owned.

Designed to be the driver’s companion, it provides key vehicle and tax information, as well as intuitive and automated processes like vehicle checks, mileage capture for expenses, telematics and safe driving support.

  • Support with safer driving: Online risk assessments profile drivers by risk type and provide bespoke reports on individual driving style.
  • Training: Relevant coaching and e-learning courses address specific risks. 27 training modules available through the app from eco-driving and speed awareness to managing your body clock.
  • Easier expenses: Automatically capture business mileage details on their mobile, making expense claims much easier.
  • Reminders on key dates: Alerts automatically sent 6 weeks in advance of MOT, tax or insurance renewal dates.
  • Resource centre: Useful contact numbers, best practice driver guides, company policies and an extensive library of training material and videos.
  • Tax calculator: Monthly and annual benefit-in-kind tax updates and calculator.

MOVE VehicleCheck – vehicle inspection and defect management

The MOVE VehicleCheck inspection and defect management solution is a quick, simple and highly effective way of reducing road risk while keeping a lid on service and maintenance costs for company vehicles.

Available for any car or van type via the MOVE Driver App, it allows employees to carry out a full interior and exterior vehicle inspection – including odometer readings. Up to 50 check points cover everything from tyre tread and pressure to wing mirrors and washer fluid. 

  • Easy to use: Simple, minimalist interface.
  • Comprehensive: 30-50 checks available.
  • Available for any vehicle type: A van-specific checklist is also available.
  • Tailorable: Up to 10 bespoke checks can be added.
  • Set your own schedule: Employees can be mandated to conduct the checks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – or any schedule to best suit your needs.
  • Clear issues tracking: Defects (and relevant images) are automatically added to a defect management workflow, showing the journey from detection to resolution.
  • Quick issues resolution: Any issues are instantly escalated to the Fleet Operations maintenance team who act quickly to resolve them.
  • Duty of care evidence for grey fleet drivers: Private vehicle owners can self-certify that defects have been resolved.

CASE STUDY: Our risk management apps in action

  • A large global employer in the retail sector
  • Risk score cut from 71.3% to 18.4%
  • 89.9% compliance across all employee driver groups
  • 82% decrease in high underlying risk drivers
  • 68% reduction in annual speeding tickets and points

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