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Important update on our services throughout COVID-19

By Richard Hipkiss - Fleet Operations News

As we enter a second lockdown in England, we do so with the knowledge and insights gained during the unprecedented restrictions imposed over previous months.

Health and safety remains paramount and we continue to review and implement government advice, while strengthening our business continuity plans and reinforcing our commitment to keeping your vehicles moving.

We would like to reassure you that our resilience and robust procedures mean that, as things stand, it is very much a case of ‘business and usual’ for Fleet Operations/Traxall UK’s services.

Northern Ireland and Wales had already been subject to a heightened restrictions, with Scotland’s 5-tier system coming into in to force as of Monday November 2. Following the nationwide lockdown in England from Thursday November 5, Fleet Operations/TraXall UK has now entered P3 status.

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Service delivery

Our business is open and fully operational as it has been throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Over recent months there have been a number of significant restrictions to some support services. These will continue for the foreseeable future.


The network will remain open during the lockdown period as an essential service, and our work direction policies with garages will ensure all maintenance work is completed. Courtesy car, while-you-wait servicing, and collect/deliver services are still impacted by the hygiene and social distancing measures needed to ensure the safety of all drivers.

We expect no change to our current service provided for your drivers, but we will continue to monitor this with the network on an ongoing basis.


Services are still available, but the challenges within the short-term rental market are showing no signs of easing. From a recent market review we carried out, our estimate is that accessible stock in the UK is approximately 50% of the level it was in February. This will continue to have a huge impact on service levels and vehicle availability across the industry.

This impact is resulting in some urgent/same day rentals being turned down, and different classes of vehicles being used to fulfil requests. Our teams are prepared to deal with all scenarios, including the use of taxis where needed, to keep your drivers safe.  

New Vehicle Deliveries

The Department for Transport has made it clear that logistics, including the collection and delivery of vehicles, should continue provided it can be done in accordance with safety guidelines. All our dealers have confirmed deliveries will continue with the same safety measures they have employed since the start of the pandemic.

Pool Vehicles/Vehicle Reallocation Services

We have continued to receive a large number of requests for vehicles to be collected/delivered and to go through our reallocation service. We would like to reassure you that, in response to this demand, we have been strengthening our process, service, and supply chain. We thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.

Fleet Operations/TraXall UK will continue to provide you with regular updates, and assure you of our continued efforts to deliver the highest quality service at all times.

Our team remains committed to taking whatever steps it can to keep you mobile and minimise any potential delays or disruption. 

We hope you, your families and work colleagues continue to remain safe during these difficult times.


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