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Traxall International


Sub Processors

To support delivery of our services, Fleet Operations may engage and use data processors (“Sub-processors”) with access to certain personal information.

A sub-processor is an external service or provider that is enlisted by Fleet Operations to deliver our service to you. As part of that, we may have to share personal information we have collected with these providers.

The below table provides important information about the identity, location and role of each Sub-processor we use.

Name Purpose Location
Microsoft Corporation Ltd Cloud Service Provider / Email Provider International. UK based services.
Google Cloud EMEA Limited Cloud Service Provider / Email Provider, including Google Analytics International. UK based services.
Cloudflare, Inc. DNS and Security Provider International. Ephemeral processing only.
Combiine Ltd Fleet Management SaaS platform provider UK
DVLA Driving licence and vehicle checking services UK
RIB Datapine GMBH Dashboard and Analytics software Germany. Ephemeral processing only
Everything Tech Ltd IT Support Partner UK
Jaama Ltd Fleet Software Provider UK
FMG Support (FIM) Ltd Incident Management Services. UK
IT Fleet Logistics Service Provider UK
APD Global Research Marketing Research Provider UK
Nationwide Windscreen Services Ltd Glass Replacement Provider UK
Zoho Corporation Customer support software NL

This information is updated periodically.


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