Are you full of Christmas spirit?

As the festive season gets into full swing, we all know we should go cold turkey on the mulled wine if we are driving. But the temptation to just have one for the road can be the devil on our shoulder as the champagne corks pop. Understandably, we all get swept along with the Christmas … Continue reading “Are you full of Christmas spirit?”

Car accessories of years gone by

Cars are like fashion. They come in and they go out. Some stand the test of time; others find themselves the butt of many a joke and at the bottom of the fancy dress pile. Think rah-rah skirts, shoulder pads and kipper ties. Think Robin Reliant and Skoda. Well, until a certain cockney trader made … Continue reading “Car accessories of years gone by”

Top 10 fascinating facts about life behind the wheel

Whether you’re a sports car fanatic, a classic car collector, a commuter, taxi driver or delivery man, a petrol head, a long-haul lorry driver or just a pootle-about Sunday driver, most of us spend a big part of our lives behind the wheel. For work, leisure or pleasure, driving gives us independence and the freedom … Continue reading “Top 10 fascinating facts about life behind the wheel”

Testing times – would you still pass your driving test today?

For more than 80 years, the driving test has been a rite of passage for 17-year-olds on their road to freedom – and the right to brag about passing first time.   Over the years, the test has been adapted to the country’s changing roads and vehicles. For all you ‘experienced’ drivers out there, did … Continue reading “Testing times – would you still pass your driving test today?”

Cars that defined their decade

What would top your car lust list if money was no object? A highly impractical two-seater head turner or sensible family and dog friendly estate? A classic Morgan, complete with picnic basket, or a state of the art, tech-loaded Tesla? A quirky retro Beetle, maybe? Or would you be sensible and get ahead of the … Continue reading “Cars that defined their decade”